What does the future bring for today’s YouTubers and streamers? It’s a question that is at the forefront of the minds of both advertisers and influencers alike. As more and more broadcasters try to capitalise on the industry’s massive popularity, the ever-growing pool of competition will undoubtedly have continued effects on how the market operates. This raises serious questions, for both broadcasters and advertisers alike.

               The eSports industry is bigger than you think it is. And it is only getting bigger. As 2017 begins, gaming has never been more prevalent. It is impossible to be unaware of the popularity of amateur gaming, but those in the industry also know of the growing powerhouse of professional gaming. It has long since moved out from behind closed doors, eSports tournaments fill stadiums and convention halls throughout the world.

               It is commonly thought that eSports started in Korea just before the turn of the century. In fact, the first ever gaming tournament can be traced back to Stanford University in the summer of ’72.