Paying a flat-fee for a library of content is the new normal. The popularity of TV and movie streaming services has exceeded everyone’s expectations. Netflix has transformed from a hardcopy film-rental service into one of the most used media services in the world. They now produce some of the most popular shows ever made. No game-streaming platform has yet achieved the same level of popularity, even though gaming is normally at the forefront of media technology.

               In 1898 the very first car advertisement was published, boldly calling on readers to dispense with their horses. Ninety-six years later, the first online banner advertisement was uploaded. Since then, we have had advertising revolution after advertising revolution, and all manner of strategies have been launched to maximise user acquisition. This article will examine how the industry has changed and what today’s advertisers need to do to master the online world.

               With marketers excited about influencers and tech-lovers excited about VR, it is fitting to speculate just how these giants will interact with one another. From funny reaction videos on YouTube to high-end gaming, VR seems like the perfect match for the streaming-generation.